Black Feathers and The Book of The Crowman – a teaser

Black Feathers


When the final days came, it was said that Satan walked the Earth in the guise of a crow. Those who feared him called him Scarecrow or sometimes Black Jack. I know him as the Crowman.

I speak for him.

Across the face of the Earth, in every nation, great suffering arose Continue reading

Tastes & Tales: Fabulous Food and Fantastic Fiction

Delish event poster.jpg large

My favourite deli and cafe ‘Delish’ is organising a rather unusual evening of entertainment.

Three writers of dark fiction will read some of their latest and creepiest work.

Between each performance the audience will be treated to freshly prepared ‘themed’ canapes from the Delish kitchen as well as fine English wines and local craft beers.

The authors will be available to chat, sign books and answer questions and will have a few titles for sale, just in case your appetite isn’t totally satisfied.

And I know from personal experience – I eat in Delish at least once a week – that the food will be scrumptious!

Join me, Sam Hayes, Rod Duncan and Delish’s culinary guiding light, Claire Hopkins, for an evening that will activate your pleasure centres and leave you hungry for more!

Skeleton Leaves by Helen Marshall

Skeleton Leaves: A CollectionSkeleton Leaves: A Collection by Helen Marshall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was extremely fortunate to receive a copy of this – one of only 150 printed – from Chris Roberts, the talented artist who illustrated it. It was signed both by him and the author, and that on its own makes it a unique and special book.

Marshall has an exquisite instinct for communicating imagery and uses it to convey one lingering impression after another. This is a very readable and affecting collection – and it stays with you, the surest sign of fine work.

The only shame is that I haven’t read J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan, the novel from which this tribe of poems takes much of its inspiration. And yet, despite that deficiency on my part, I think I picked up on a lot of the emotions the collection exposes.

Reading Skeleton Leaves prompted me to rethink what good poetry is: the sharing of secrets we already know.

Get yourself a copy before they’re all gone.

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One last gift for readers before Christmas

Snake EyesThis is the final festive freebie from me – and it’s a good one!

For the next 48 hours, you can get two of my novellas, collected in this single volume and pay exactly nothing for the privilege.

So if you like a blend of Fantasy, SF & Horror, you know what to do.

Meanwhile, my sincere thanks to Evil Jester Press and Bad Moon Books for making this promotion possible!