australia, what happened?

In my late teens and early twenties, I spent two and a half amazing years living and working in Australia. The Aussies loved sports, the outdoors and they partied hard. They were ‘no nonsense’ people, never afraid to speak their minds. It was also a place where many cultures mingled; somewhat like a young USA. […]

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From the head to the heart

Don’t let a corrupt government – colluding with big tech, big pharma and MSM – divide you. They’ll use it all: race, religion, gender, sexuality & medical apartheid to do it. They know it works because the same tactic has kept them at the top for millennia. The real split is not between ‘elements of […]

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A love note for the sleepers

This is a sincere and heartfelt message to all the people who’ve blocked me, unfriended me, unfollowed me, muted me, cancelled me or otherwise cut ties with me based on my worldview and how I speak about it. I consider many of you to be friends but among you there are also book fans, reviewers, […]

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Sunshine in a bottle

Further to today’s earlier post, I made another tincture today – this time with dandelion flowers. They’re so beautiful. I read recently that this humble ‘weed’ is good for your heart and, having dug a little deeper into the subject, I now discover they can also help the liver, digestive system and beneficially affect your […]

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Phasmid – a new phase

On contacting the brilliantly talented team of individuals who’ve helped to make Phasmid’s first four titles so exquisite, I discovered that none of them will work with me now. This is because my worldview differs from theirs and appears to be a knock-on effect from HTP’s cancellation of WEED. Having a minority opinion isn’t easy […]

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I wrote to my MP

I have a Phasmid update in draft form but there are so many things which make publishing fiction a secondary consideration at this time. After all, if I don’t stand up for liberty now, I’ll be publishing my fiction in a non-fiction dystopia. Worst case scenario: I won’t be able to publish anything because I […]

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