Weed – A Tiny Intro…

In a 1976 Doctor Who story called The Seeds of Doom, a mysterious pod from Antarctica is brought to a rural English estate. It melds with a human to become a colossal, tentacled, man-eating thing. I suspect that, as I watched in utter terror, the seed of this novel – and others – was firmly […]

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Get your unlicensed vaccine here!

I keep picking my mandible up off the floor but it refuses to remain attached: The UK government is proposing to change Human Medicine Regulations to enable UNLICENSED VACCINES to be rolled out and administered by non-medical staff, with extremely limited likelihood of being able to sue pharmaceutical companies for compensation in the event of […]

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The covid 19 narrative that isn’t making it into the mainstream media – yet

As my FB posts and Tweets are getting no traffic when I mention the current ‘pandemic’, I thought I’d share this here on the blog, too. I’m seeing a similar story from brave, but clearly very intimidated, medics – from nurses to high-ranking doctors – around the world. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/nhs-consultant-says-staff-are-being-silenced-over-covid-19 Why would medics tell this story […]

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Publishing update 13.07.2020

Turns out a lot can get done during a lockdown! The structural edit on Weed is complete and, though it’s not written in stone, I suspect Horrific Tales Publishing is looking at an October release date. Weed is a survival horror romp set on the Berkshire country estate of one of the most powerful women […]

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The search for awakening

There’s a sense at the moment that we are living in some kind of dream; for many, a nightmare. That’s how I feel. Do you feel it too? This post has been growing inside me for some time. I want to do something to help all of us – including me – wake up. That’s […]

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