To give you a vague idea

A brief précis of my…er…career:

I’ve been writing ever since I was able; seriously for the last eleven years. I’ve written poetry, nonsense verse for kids, short fiction, novellas, comic scripts and novels.

When I haven't sold any books for a while, I find going to a disco and pretending to be a puppet very therapeutic.

I like the Horror, SF and Fantasy genres but I also write comedy sometimes. I’ve had three agents and, so far, none of them have sold any of my work. Everything I’ve had published was through my own reckless, ill-informed endeavour. That includes the novel MEAT which sold into five foreign territories and which Stephen King rather enjoyed – ‘Joseph D’Lacey rocks!’ he said.

Sadly the publisher of MEAT and Garbage Man, Beautiful Books, has gone out of business – which means I’ve gone out of business too.

Over the years I’ve placed thirty or forty short stories and a handful of novellas. I’ve sold three of my ten novels and at no time have I ever ‘made a living’ from writing.

So here I am: no adult fiction agent and no publisher in a publishing world that’s changing so fast no one knows what will happen next.

Why not join me as I blunder into the next phase of unplanned chaos that I’ve come to accept as my…ahem…job.


8 thoughts on “To give you a vague idea

    • Ashlee,

      Here is your prize – a poem I wrote a couple of months ago. More poetry prizes for lovely comments are sure to follow…


      A paper lantern moon descends toward the horizon
      Assuming the hue of a peach as its buoyancy fails
      In the stern light of dawn

      Welcoming night’s decline yet holding off the day
      From a keep built of wishbricks
      I want creation’s engine to stall

      Already this moment is a memory
      Fragile as the skin of the moon
      Or a needle bright contrail fragmenting

      I see it now through a false eye, a cataract moon orb
      Day has seized me,
      Placed its heavy paws on my shoulders

      I wade now
      Where in the dawn I floated like the candlelit moon
      The dream that I might be eldritch broken by the sun

      These office walls are real and hard; unbreakable
      I cannot leave them
      Somewhere there is castle’s heart fashioned of dreamstones to which I may return

  1. Thanks very much, Ashlee.

    I’m going to keep my options open for a while and try to record the ensuing events and my impressions of them right here for all to see.

    You are the first person to comment on my new blog, by the way. Some sort of prize is in order…

  2. Having read your work I can say with certainty a new publisher is going to snap you up pretty sharpish…well I hope so, I want a new D’lacey book to read!

    I’m torn between print books and Ebooks at the moment, on one hand I want to reach the most people possible but on the other I feel as if converting to the dark side (Ebooks) would somehow kill some of the magic in my work. Hopefully something will come along soon that suits your work down to the ground and have you back on the bookshelves (actual or virtual) soon!

    Good luck!

    (p.s. like the idiot I am, I posted this comment on your about page by mistake…*sigh* it’s been a long morning)

    • Thanks for taking a moment to waft those good vibes in my direction, Steven.

      I expect publishing will reach some middle ground, with both e-books and print playing a part. Like you, I feel this ‘dark side’ issue too, however, I’m trying to stay open to possibilities and that’s part of the reason for creating this blog.

      Good luck to you also, and thanks for the generous double post!

  3. It strikes me that Stephen King has a very good point…

    I read and loved “Meat” recently, and simply put if more of your work isn’t published in the future then the publishing industry has failed.

    • That is one of the kindest things anyone has ever said. Here on the blog or anywhere else. Thank you, Matthew – let’s hope they haven’t failed YET!

      I suspect I owe you – and a few others now – a poem. It/they will appear here in the next few days…

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