What I did at Fantasycon 2011

It’s fairly simple:
I arrived. I went to places that served the right kinds of drinks and then went to other very similar places.

With Soozy Marjoram and Tom Fletcher - who wanted to go back to the bar for an urgent drink of the right kind. Sadly, the hotel bar was short of such things.


This is a place that serves the right kinds of drinks. I was fortunate to be there with Gary and Emily McMahon, Shaun Hamilton and Charles Rudkin - a connoissuer of places that serve the right kinds of drinks.

 This is me and Quentin S. Crisp. I’ve just told him my famously amusing joke. Actually, the photo was taken just before he really started laughing. A lot. In the background you can see people drinking cheap, nasty versions of the right kinds of drinks at the Royal Albion Hotel bar. Higher quality drinks of that nature were served in other establishments very close by…

Here’s me with some people I’ve never drunk the right kinds of drinks with before. And some other people who find me entirely hilarious. If they appear blurry, it's because you're so drunk.

Me and my pal Charles Rudkin whose knowledge of the right kinds of drinks in Brighton is unparalleled. He's also brilliant company and a good friend.

Me looking delighted with my hangover just before I head home.

 To sum up, then: 
Fantasycon 2011 was a rigorous industry event which broadened the scope, reputation and influence of the speculative genres in all media.

One thought on “What I did at Fantasycon 2011

  1. Sounds like all kinds of fun, and a wholly productive event. Good show on discovering the local venues to acquire the right kinds of drinks from. Perhaps one day in the future we can share similar adventures with other fabulous industry professionals!

    (Wait. That was too much, wasn’t it? “Professional” is a bad word. I’m sorry. I won’t accuse us of such things again.)


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