I owe several people in a BIG way…

…and words are my only currency. So I’m repaying good deeds with poetry!

Today, I am indebted to Donna Condon, Jo McCrum, Pablo Cheesecake, Elizabeth Haylett Clark, Wayne Simmons, Kim Hoyland, Andy Remic, Jen O’Regan, Sarah Pinborough, Tim Lebbon, Mark Morris and Sharon Ring.

Among their kindnesses were: getting my work in front of the right editors, getting my work in front of the right agents, offering me money (!!!), reading/editing/appraising my work, offering me a job, reviewing my work, giving me encouragement and showing me where I can find good advice.

I’m very grateful to each and every one of you. So grateful, in fact, that I’m going to post TWO poems!

A silly one:

A Tragedy

Two vacuum cleaners fell in love,
But when they tried to kiss,
There came a dreadful squeaking sound,
Followed by a hiss,

Kissing when you’re turned on,
Can make a right old din,
Especially for two vacuum cleaners,
When they’re both plugged in.

Of course they only realised,
When it was far too late,
That their unbridled passion,
Would also seal their fate.

Their kiss became the clinches,
As first their hoses shrunk,
Then their shiny bodies,
Came together with a clunk.

Though love had drawn them closer,
Their end was sad and weird;
They sucked and sucked so madly,
That they both disappeared.


And a serious one:


Gold, Grey and Blue

Beyond season and polarity
I know
My soul is a light obscured
My life a sky
My mind a storm
My body a guise of mist
That care and cost will pass away
As clouds on a sunny day


2 thoughts on “I owe several people in a BIG way…

    • No plans for that at the moment, Ashlee – but I did put a great deal of effort into creating a series of children’s verse, illustrated by a friend, about twelve years ago. Predictably, our work was rejected by every children’s publisher in the UK at the time. Time for a resurrection, perhaps…

      Glad you got a giggle out of it!

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