Islington Crocodiles by Paul Meloy

If you love short dark fiction with genuine depth, put Islington Crocodiles at the top of your list. Its third print-run is sold out so finding a copy might be difficult, however, I assure you it will be worth acquiring.

Over the course of the ten stories in the book, we’re introduced to a world where creation itself is on the verge of destruction. The heroes and villains battle each other both in the real world and in the (even more real) world of dreams.

In terms of fantasy, Paul comes as close to convincing me of other spheres of existence as any writer ever has. The breadth and poignancy of his realms left me awestruck, as did the emotions and challenges faced by his characters. It’s powerful fiction; sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking and the language – something that matters to me, as a reader and as a writer – is dazzling.

Paul Meloy has discovered a triangulation point on some great, subterranean mountain. From this pinnacle he has become a cartographer of the subconscious. His tales reveal the landscape, and even the architecture, of the mind’s deepest trenches.

Islington Crocodiles transported me far from this world. It also made me reassess what’s possible in fiction. For all that, Paul, if you’re reading this, I’m very grateful.


2 thoughts on “Islington Crocodiles by Paul Meloy

    • It’s a wholly unusual book in style, content and genre. Sort of a milestone in my reading history, I suppose.

      Hope you get your Christmas wish, Ashlee…

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