For far too many tedious reasons to mention – none of them being that I’ve ‘stopped writing’ – I haven’t released a book out for over two years. Added to everything else, this has weighed heavy on me.

But now, finally (well, hopefully not literally finally…), here is the gem I signed a contract for almost 23 months ago. I’ll have to just tell you stuff about the book at the moment because the only place you can even glimpse what it looks like is in the Bad Moon Books advert at Hellnotes!

SNAKE EYES comprises two novellas in a single volume; one Horror/Fantasy and one SF/Horror:

A Trespasser in Long Lofting – An isolated, drought-choked village. A starving community. When something big, red and inhuman crash-lands in a cabbage field, the villagers are divided: is this a scrumptious dragon for the barbecue or a toxic demon to be destroyed? And what if it’s something else entirely?

A Man of Will and Experience – Robert Johnson dreams of spiders, thousands of them. When he wakes, the true nightmare begins: a tube has been attached to his head – to everyone’s – but he’s the only one aware of it. His cosy suburban life unravels into paranoid hallucination as Johnson fights to free himself from the control of unseen forces.

As soon as pre-orders are open, I’ll let everyone know. Dogged reviewers can contact Bad Moon Books but I think most ARCs are already spoken for.

All that’s left to say is Hoo-fucking-ray!


6 thoughts on “SNAKE EYES

    • Thanks, Ashlee!

      I had fun writing these (is it OK to say that in public?). I often don’t enjoy the process all that much (is OkK to say that in public?) but something about novellas often makes them the exception. Anyway, I genuinely hope you enjoy them.

      I hope everyone does!

    • Thanks, Carole! Good innit? I’m totally chuffed and hoping for more good news over the coming weeks.

      Hope your work is going well – as well as can be expected FOR A WRITER 😉

      I said to someone the other day: “When I’m not writing, I’m miserable. When I’m writing, I’m slightly less miserable.” Not much else to say, is there?

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