Latest news and answers to questions about SNAKE EYES

You’ve been asking some very good questions today, folks. Here are ALL the answers:

E-book/Print book

The update on the e-book version is this: having spoken to Bad Moon Books this afternoon, I can tell you to expect this a couple of months after the print version is released. That would make SNAKE EYES e-books available in mid-March!

Review copies

There are a very limited number of physical ARCs, however, pdfs of SNAKE EYES will be available to all those with a genuine interest in writing reviews. Please contact to get your copy.


At the moment, there is only one planned opportunity for a signing. This will be towards the end of January but isn’t finalised yet. I’m trying to secure stock but can’t guarantee it will arrive in time! More on this question later, therefore.

Overseas Orders

Excellent news:Roysays ‘No problem’! Physical books can be shipped or you can wait until the e-book comes out – same choice as everyone else!

When is my next novel coming out?

I don’t know. I’ve written several. I’m just waiting for a publisher to notice.


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