A pick-me-up!

As I’ve been too lazy/busy/on holiday/asleep to write a proper post containing actual notions and tidbits of exciting information about the future, here is a poem to give you a bit of energy:

Oh, that marvellous Phirk!

Open a can of salubrious Phirk,
The all purpose tonic, the ultimate perk.
It’s stronger than spinach or vitamin C,
The effects are far reaching I’m sure you’ll agree.

Salubrious Phirk, salubrious Phirk
Will help you do dishes and all kinds of work.
Get it right down you, drink it in one
For oodles of stamina, hours of fun.

Fed up with jogging and physical jerks?
The cure is a gulp of salubrious Phirk.
Phirk is delicious and Phirk is salubrious,
It makes you more jaunty and far less lugubrious.

Perhaps your employees are slow, lazy slobs
Who take lots of tea breaks and won’t do their jobs
One sip of this wonder will turn all your shirkers
Into bouncy, dynamic, salubrious Phirkers

When lethargy, sloth and exhaustion are lurking,
Start the new habit; Salubrious Phirking.
When you are knackered and feel overworked,
We have the answer; go and get Phirked.