New Year, New Deal


First editions of MEAT and Garbage Man will soon be withdrawn from sale in the UK. If you want one, they’ll still be around on Amazon and available from bookshops for the next few days.


Both titles will be re-released in new editions by Andrews UK in the next few weeks, as print and e-books. The e-book versions will be enhanced with extra content and I’ll reveal what it will be when I know more. I also expect there to be some competitions involved around the launch.

Have to say, I’m chuffed to bits to see these two Beautiful Books titles get a reprint. I’m also very much looking forward to working with the good people at Andrews UK – an innovative, manoeuvrable and forward-looking company with an excellent track record.


14 thoughts on “New Year, New Deal

    • Cheers, Dave! Hope you enjoyed Blood Fugue in the end. You were among the first ever to ‘see’ it, though it changed quite a lot before the final version. Trust your writing is going well too…

      • Thanks for the good vibes, Luke, and glad you liked the books. More where they came from soon enough…

    • They’re much creepier than Blood Fugue, Zak, so that’s the right decision! Black Feathers, however, is a fantasy and not quite so grim. 🙂

      • Read them anyway. They are unsettling, but it’s a different kind of scary. Both books will cause you to look at the world in a different way. I love it when a book sticks with me long after I’ve finished reading it 🙂

      • Thanks, Martel – I’d love to say that kind of thing but it only sounds self-interested coming from the author! Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pulpy goodness of Blood Fugue when you get to it.

      • I’ve been reading up on Black Feathers – I think that would be a good one so I’ve put it on my various book lists (Nice cover dude).

        I can do ‘dark’ but, honestly, there were some moments in BF where it all got a bit under my skin – the kind of stuff I could learn from I suppose!

        I’m intrigued by Martel’s comment however…

  1. New editions! Extra material! CANNOT wait. Also CANNOT wait for Black Feathers. I cannot iterate enough just what an incredible and amazing wordsmith that you are Sir!

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