Good things. Very good things…

I have a couple of people to thank this week, following further wonderful responses to Black Feathers.

First up is Abhinav Jain, alias Shadowhawk, for his considered post at The Founding Fields. He said, “Spectacular is the word I’d use to describe the novel. Nothing else can capture the reading experience.”

A big thank you also to Victoria Hooper who had this to say: “With memorable settings, vivid writing and important themes, Black Feathers is an extremely atmospheric and thought-provoking read.” You can find the full measure of her thoroughly in-depth impressions on her lovely blog Vicky Thinks.

My sincere thanks to you both for reading and commenting on my work!

I was surprised and flattered to be invited to a podcast interview with This Is Horror. I met with Michael Wilson and John Costello on Wednesday evening to record the interview, which centred around my short story collection Splinters.

When the podcast goes live, it will include Richard Kellum’s inspired narration of my satire ‘Son of Porn’. Can’t wait to hear it on Monday 4th March!

In the meantime, wishing you all a lovely weekend…


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