Editing advice for The Write Club

I’m doing a two-part editing post for Wayne Simmons – author of Flu, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Fever and Doll Parts. It’s intended for writers who are keen to improve their abilities quickly. Part I outlines some specific editing passes that will tighten up your fiction.

Part II takes the extensive re-write of Blood Fugue and deconstructs it, showing how every editing pass can improve your work – with the goal of pushing it from unpublishable territory into that promised land of the published.

Other good things:

I’m grateful today for the latest two reviews of Black Feathers, the first from Tiara W whose extremely positive Goodreads appraisal is also on Digital Tempest and Bibliosanctum. Thanks also to Australian author, Alan Baxter, whose review appeared on Thirteen O’Clock very early this morning. Another considered summing up and a sign, I hope, that people everywhere are ‘getting’ what Black Feathers is all about.

Meanwhile, I’m still tinkering with the look of the blog so expect things to disappear and reappear over the next few days, as well as new content arriving as if by magic…


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