Interpreting the language of my dead father

The Phantom

How many of us can say we really know our parents? Is this concern unique to me or do others ask themselves a similar question?

My father has been dead a few years now but his ghost still lingers. Not a vengeful spirit with its own intelligence and agendas. No. Simply my memories of his behaviour and, more often, the things he said; his words. I often wonder what they meant.

If you’re easily offended, perhaps this isn’t a page you should read. This is where my dead father will speak his words again – good, bad or just quirky – and where I will attempt to understand them.

First here are some words of my own that describe him – from the outside, unable to fathom what was going on within:

raging; compassionate; volatile; gregarious; drunk; charismatic; violent; eloquent; unfaithful; ambitious; controlling; inspired; bigoted; passionate; irrational; fugitive.

I hope these words are observations rather than judgements. I hope the same is true of any words that follow.


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