Seeking the burger

In every great fantasy, there is a quest.

In my fantasy, that quest is for the tastiest vegetarian burger ever conceived. I do accept that I may never hold such a grail in my hands (or take a bite out of it) but that’s no reason not to saddle up and sally forth.

Why a burger, though?

Well, when I stopped eating animals – a direct result of researching and writing MEAT – I did still miss certain textures and flavours. I love food immensely and I enjoy cooking even more now than I when I ate meat. I also firmly believe that there is a meatless alternative that will not simply substitute the burger experience but better it.

So if you have such a recipe and wish to share it or if you’ve heard a rumour of a venue where such a delicacy is served, this is the place to whisper your secret.

I’ll do the same!


3 thoughts on “Seeking the burger

  1. Have you tried any vegie burgers in Australia? If not, please do. Here are my hot tips:

    For a burger that has a very similar (and in my optinion, superior) taste/texture to meat, Lord of the Fries is a MUST ( )
    All their food is vegetarian. They have beef and chicken burgers – amazing.

    For a vegie burger that’s not mock meat, try Grill’d – 3 amazing vego burger options ( )

    If you’re in Adelaide, as I am, the 2 above chains aren’t available so your best bet is Veggie Velo – a little French guy called Manu that rides a little cart around the city and sells amazing burgers, consisting of things like lentils, quinoa, haloumi etc

    • Oh, Flora! How can you tell me these things when I couldn’t be farther from Australia without being in space?!

      I am now on a mission to find such things here or invent a reason (other than feeling a bit peckish) to get myself over to Australia for some serious veggie burger action. Thank you so much for these tips – you’re a star!

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