The Book Show: my first job in television

On 24th November at 6pm, episode one of The Book Show will air on Showcase 2 – Sky 192 & Freesat 402. The program will be presented by James Whale and, from episode 2 onwards, I’ll be hosting the horror slot.

Think of it – a five-minute portion of every show dedicated to horror literature. I could not be more excited!

My first objective is to talk to female authors writing horror now. This should raise awareness about women in horror and, hopefully, will encourage more women to write and submit their dark fiction.

We’ll also be running a competition specifically for unpublished female horror novelists with a prize of publication. More details to follow.

A prime time book program is the perfect advertising platform for publishers and authors who want their titles to reach a wider audience.

For now, though, here’s James with the trailer…

And here’s my first call-out for women authors to get in touch…

See you in November!


8 thoughts on “The Book Show: my first job in television

  1. Way to go, Joseph! I’ve got to match you up with my middle son — I’ll loan him you’re books — who’s working up a horror SERIES for TV in the States. It’s early stages yet, but youse guys DO have interests in common. A thousand good lucks meantime. Bill Conelly (at his Tether’s End)

    • Thank you very much, Bill!

      I hope your son has much success with his TV scripts, too – tough gig but great when it works out.

  2. That is so great! As a woman who writes horror, I’ve found that so much of “women in horror” talk centers around half-naked chicks dripping with corn syrup blood, or vampire porn. I wish you the best of luck in featuring smart women who write terrifying horror. I wish I was in the UK so I could participate. I run a horror fiction mag, and am continually saddened that less than 10% of our submissions are from women.

    • Hi, Wednesday.

      Thank you for stopping by with a comment.

      I wish you were in the UK too so we could interview you. I’m lining up some great women authors and hope the show will attract more interest to women in horror generally.

      Your point about submission percentages is sad but I’m glad to note it – it would be wonderful if we could somehow encourage more women into writing and submitting their work. I hope the competition we run will have some effect on that.

      The horror slot will run from episode two, by the way, but look out for some real talent!

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