The idiot abroad – JD’L goes to the Houses of Parliament…

The future of UK democracy in the hands of fantasists. You know it makes sense…

You may find this hard to believe but Mr-I-don’t-have-a-political-bone-in-my-body here is going to give a presentation at Parliament on Wednesday evening.

I know.

But hey, people, it’s Parliament Week and I was extremely flattered to be invited.

Myself and two other authors will each outline our visions of a future (better? Hm. Not sure…) democracy and audience members will be able to ask questions and debate what we come up with.

For me, not having a great deal of enthusiasm for or understanding of politics, this is turning out to be an intriguing exercise. Having been given less than a week, I’m attempting to come up with a brand new democratic system – one that re-imagines what’s been in place for hundreds of years!

So, wish me luck.

Better still, if you can make it to Westminster, come and see what the SciFi Writers of today think the future of politics holds for us all…


6 thoughts on “The idiot abroad – JD’L goes to the Houses of Parliament…

  1. Sounds Coolio J. Wish I could come and plant some futuristic ideas – get some too. Please can the future politics vision not be dystopian / blood sport affairs. Isaac Asimovs Franchise would be good – electronic democracy.

    I’ll just have to wait for your next post to see what happened.

    Not long now… nervous?

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