A natural cold remedy that really works? Yes, it’s true!

man with coldI hate colds so much. Hands up who’s getting one right now? Worse, who’s getting manflu? Well, you can stop feeling sorry for yourself because I have the answer.

Like anyone else, I’ve been getting colds all my life. In that entire time, this is the first remedy I’ve tried that actually has an effect. So far this year, it has stopped two colds in their tracks, leaving me fit to get on with and enjoy the run-up to Christmas.

Caveat: if you don’t dig garlic, you’ll probably want to stop reading right now.

What you’ll need:

4 large cloves of garlic – don’t wimp around, I said LARGE. If in doubt, add a fifth clove!
The juice of half a lemon
1 Tbsp cider vinegar – other vinegars don’t have the same healing properties
Boiling water
Honey to taste – I use a LOT, otherwise the remedy is almost undrinkable


Peel and roughly chop the garlic. Put it in a small teapot. Add a mugful of boiling water and set aside. In the mug, put the lemon juice, cider vinegar and LOTS of honey (manuka honey would be even better but ordinary honey is fine; we’re putting it in for flavour not medical reasons!). Once the garlic ‘tea’ has steeped for five minutes or more, pour it into the cup and make sure everything is well blended before drinking.

This concoction is quite grim. After you’ve drunk it, your body goes: what the fuck did you just do to me? However, on the plus side, any trace of a cold will run screaming from your body along with many other viruses and unwanted microbes.

Drink as often as required until cold is gone.

Optional extras:

A sprinkle of cayenne pepper never did anyone any harm. (Well, so long as you put it in the drink and not on your genitals.)

If you can get to a sauna after drinking this, I guarantee you’ll have the place to yourself :-). More importantly, though, sweating profusely increases the likelihood of you ridding your system of the cold. In fact, if you sweat hard enough, you might not need the garlic tea!

That’s it! Good luck. Have a happy, healthy Yuletide! And if you try this, let me know how you get on…



2 thoughts on “A natural cold remedy that really works? Yes, it’s true!

  1. Ah reminds me of this concoction called “fire cider” that I made awhile ago. Unfortunately, my fiancee almost banished me due to the garlicky vapors that apparently emanated from every pore of my being.

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