Sad days as I wait for the end of winter

shut happensMy literary representative, Brie Burkeman, who’s effect on my career and profile has been tremendous, is closing her agency for family reasons.

You can see the full story here.

Brie has looked after me with great care for two and a half years, streamlining my productivity and securing a number of rights deals I could never have manifested on my own.

She made it possible for me to get on with writing while she handled everything else. In addition, Brie taught me a lot more about the publishing business and, by example alone, how a ‘good’ agent should behave. She’s been the perfect combination of rock and Rottweiler: always there when I needed support and utterly uncompromising if anyone stepped out of line contractually.

When Brie emailed me a couple of weeks ago, attaching the letter which outlined her plans to shut up shop, I completely understood her reasoning and her decision. Nevertheless, I was floored.

That sensation of solid ground liquescing beneath my feet – a feeling I’ve come to know well in what has always been an uncertain career – returned with knobs on. I’d hoped such uncertainty was forever behind me but perhaps that’s unrealistic, especially given the state of utter flux that publishing as a whole is in right now.

As with all Good News/Bad News stories, though, there is a positive aspect; a new chapter, no less. I’ve been taken on by Meg Davis at Ki. I met her for the first time a few days ago and was very impressed – not to mention relieved – by how focused and experienced she is. She was also surprisingly open to all my hair-brained ideas.

So, the journey is far from over.

After fifteen years or so of turbulence, I’ve finally bought myself a gravity belt and strapped myself in. Wherever the ride takes me next, I’m ready.


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