The Hairy Faerie – Cover Reveal and More!

It’s already a year and half since my daughter and I wrote The Hairy Faerie.

Since then I’ve read it for Year 1 & 2 children to rapturous appreciation. It turns out that children are the best audiences I’ve ever had!

This year, I was invited to do a story-writing workshop for World Book Day. I enjoyed working with Year 2 children so much that I’m now taking my workshops into other schools. I wanted to take The Hairy Faerie with me, not as a manuscript but as a real book.

After the usual slew of rejections, I decided, after fifteen years of avoiding it, that this was the tine to self-publish.

With the help of my agent, Meg Davis at Ki, we’ve now arrived at the moment when we’re poised to hit ‘print’.

The final cover art arrived at 5 a.m. this morning from the extraordinarily talented John Allen of Induna Art & Design Inc.

Fancy a butcher’s?

Click here => The Hairy Faerie

How cool is this?!

Sparkle and I can hardly contain our excitement.

At some point in the next week or two, The Hairy Faerie will go on sale in print and eBook formats. Remember, it’s a children’s book but adult children are allowed to read it too!

Speaking of which, here’s what the wonderful Shan Williams at For Reading Addicts had to say about it:

“If you put Seuss, Dahl and Walliams in a mixing bowl, Hairy Faeries would be the cake that came out of the oven.”

Sparkle and I hope you enjoy the story – there are many more Mary Moffett adventures on the way!


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