The Hairy Faerie: preparing for publication…

Hairy Faerie Front Cover only-page-001The Hairy Faerie is on track for publication in September!

*does faerie dance*

Oh. You weren’t meant to see that!

Now, although most of the interest is likely to come from my school writing workshops, the book will also be available from ‘normal’ outlets – by which I mean on-line retailers and physical bookshops.

That being the case, I thought it might be a good idea to see if anyone wants to review The Hairy Faerie for children’s fiction sites, magazines or newspapers.

There will be a very limited number of ARCs, but I really want to make some available. Having done book mail-outs before, though, I’m all too familiar with the old Review Black Hole.

So here’s the caveat: Please do not get in touch unless you review for a legitimate, well-known site or publication and have time to read and review the book. We can’t afford to send a single copy into the nothing-happened-no-reply vortex!

The Hairy Faerie isn’t available as an eBook and there are no plans to create one at the moment. However, I will be happy to provide pdfs for reviewers preferring on-screen ARCs.

For those lucky few who do receive a review copy, we look forward to hearing what you think – it will be Sparkle’s first ever experience of real people responding to her ideas.

We’re both very excited indeed!


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