A new deal, unlike any other…

I signed a book contract today with Horrific Tales Publishing.

It’s an unusual deal for a number of reasons:

• It brings together two linked novellas, that were originally published separately, into a single book.
• In a decade and a half, it’s my first ever hardback edition of anything.
• It will also be released as an eBook and on audio.

As you can imagine, I’m fairly delighted – especially seeing as this marks the end of another long publishing drought; the kind that seem to characterise my career.

The Kill Crew

I’m also extremely pleased to be working with this publishing house and this particular editor – Graeme Reynolds – who is a stickler for producing quality books and who knows a lot about marketing.

Originally, I planned four linked stories in this world. When it became clear that selling novellas, whether they were a series or not, wasn’t viable, I decided to stop working on them. However, if this new edition does well, I may go on to complete the concept.

Both The Kill Crew and The Failing Flesh take place during the same global cataclysm, however, each novella focuses on different characters dealing with the bleak circumstances in their own ways.Surviving the End

The Kill Crew was very well-received by those who read it before it went out of print (it was also released in Spanish by Lee Runas) but The Failing Flesh, published as it was in an anthology that sold very La Brigada de la Muertefew copies, has been seen by hardly anyone.

You’ll have to wait until December for this one but I’ve already seen the cover artist’s portfolio and listened to the narrator and they’re both extremely gifted.

I can’t wait to see the end result.


6 thoughts on “A new deal, unlike any other…

  1. Just read Black Feathers. The narrative and descriptive are as good as any Iain Banks novels….high praise because I’m a massive fan. The characterisation is sympathetic to its surroundings without any needless waste. It’s so refreshing to experience 2 of the main protagonists as children allowed to be wise beyond their years and actually being given the chance to experience breataking difficulties whilst thriving under the inciteful tutelage of this talented author. All this without any patrionisation towards the reader. The author is able to effectively span epochs with this simple and clever bi-narrative, transcending harmoniously between chapters and paragraphs. This brilliantly navigated literary technique sutbly quickens the pace towards the end as the 2 stories compress on the page with breathtaking urgency and without any disbelief being experienced. A great read. A spontaneous tale ably disguised as a well planned out novel. No mean feat I suspect. Very well done. Ten out of ten. My favourite book I’ve read this year and will take some beating.

    • Delighted to hear this – thank you for stopping by with the good vibes! I hope you’ll enjoy the conclusion if you get to it…

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