Publishing news!

Back in 2012, a very cool indie publishing outfit called Jurassic London commissioned a story from me for their anthology A Town Called Pandemonium.

All the tales were set in an imaginary 19th Century settlement in the New Mexico Territory. Thanks to the leadership of Jurassic’s editors Jared Shurin and Anne C Perry, and the extraordinary line-up of genre talent, it turned out to be one of those rare gem collections. I was proud to have been part of it.

Following the book’s success, a second anthology was planned, set in the same town during the prohibition years. Its title was The Streets of Pandemonium and we all got to work on new stories. Sadly, for reasons beyond the editors’ control, the title was cancelled and our tales became orphans.

Now, five years on, I’m excited to announce that Steve Shaw of Black Shuck Books is going to collect both of my Pandemonium stories in a single volume: Tales of New Mexico.

At ten thousand words each, both my stories stretched the word count limit in Jared and Anne’s guidelines. So, the good news for readers is that there’s nigh on twenty thousand words of nail-biting SF/Horror to look forward to in this Black Shuck Books edition, including a never-before-seen story that will chill you to the marrow.

The stories in Tales of New Mexico are The Gathering of Sheaves & The Vespertine. I don’t want to spoil them for you but they include alien conspiracies, psychoactive cacti, vampires, torture and Native American shamanism.

Watch the skies for a mid-July launch – more news here as soon as the dates are finalised but you can pre-order Tales of New Mexico right now…

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