A thought for #NationalWritingDay

Writers – of fiction, I mean – occupy the territory between magician, court jester and shaman.

They take the things we cannot clearly see about ourselves and make mirrors so that we can look at those things, at least a little more clearly.

It’s paradoxical, isn’t it, that though we, as writers, set out with fabrication as a goal, we can end up revealing something pure and unadulterated? And yet a writer of non-fiction, someone who strives for precision and factual detail actually blurs reality simply by passing it through their own lens.

Great fiction imparts great truths with a subtlety and depth that non-fiction never can.

So, get on with your writing and seek the truth wrapped up in stories…

3 thoughts on “A thought for #NationalWritingDay

  1. Hi Joseph.. I just became a fan of your books the black dawn n book of crowman.. I’ve been thinking that the books should be turned into a movie.. I can just imagine how great these books would be on film.. Im glad i picked up your books. Best read i have had in awhile.You are a great story teller.. Dont ever give up on writing..These books are amazing.. When im done i will find your other ones to read.. Take care Kandi💛

    1. Hi, Kandi!

      It’s lovely to read your message. I, too, think the Black Dawn books would make excellent screen adaptations and I look forward to that day…

      I won’t be quitting any time soon – in fact, I hope I’ll never retire from this wonderful pursuit!

      Thank you for stopping by with these good vibes and I hope you’ll enjoy whichever of my books you pick up next.

      All the best to you, meanwhile.

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