The End = The Beginning. (Maybe.) :-)

Some weeks ago, I began a new novel, the details of which I posted here. Then I disappeared. Novelists do that.

This is me reappearing and saying, “Tada!” because the first draft is complete.

Having shown my agent the six-page outline in August, I felt confident to get on with the writing. I went at it daily for about eleven weeks, only missing days when it was unavoidable – perhaps five or six absences across the whole stretch.

The novel had to come in at under 150K so that it won’t be too long to sell (mss above this word count incur a significantly higher printing cost). I squeaked in at 146K, leaving some wiggle room.

There’s a good deal of editing to do before there’s a presentable draft, then it’s time to wait for a verdict from my agent. A thumbs-up means the piggy goes to market next year. A thumbs-down…well, let’s not talk about that.

Anyway, I’m back so, “Hello and hope you’ve been well!”

4 thoughts on “The End = The Beginning. (Maybe.) :-)

    1. Hi, Joseph.

      Thanks for your question and good wishes.

      I pitched this to my agent. The reason being that I didn’t want to embark on a big project, only to have him say “Sorry, buddy, but no one’s buying Robot-Vampire-Skateboard-Steampunk-Bondage novels any more…” after I’ve slit my wrists and bled all over the page.

      But even a ‘pre-pitch’ isn’t a guarantee. I outlined my last novel to my previous agent and she loved the idea. So I wrote it. She then refused to submit it.

      For the sake of clarity, I have also pitched this idea to a commissioning editor. Assuming my agent is happy, he will be one of the people we approach in the New Year.

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