How long until you release MEAT, Garbage Man, Blood Fugue and Splinters on Kindle, please?

Well, the short answer is not very long at all. In fact, I think it will be less than four weeks.

The story so far:

  • All of the new forewords have been written, each telling some of the hidden history behind each book. I’ll release the Splinters foreword in a day or two…
  • All of the guest authors and editors I invited to write new introductions for each of the books have accepted (YAY!!!). However, I’m keeping their bonus material under wraps until publication.
  • Two of the books are edited and require one more pass before upload to Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Then, two more to go!
  • I’ve chosen a name for the imprint that will publish JD’L titles from this point on. The logo is being created – reveal coming soon…
  • The covers (don’t know why this seems to be the most important thing but somehow it is!) have made it past the conceptual phase. I’ve seen layouts, text choices, colour schemes, backgrounds and the designs are coming very soon. I will reveal all four covers before publication.
  • I just made a cup of tea and forgot to drink it because I’m so excited.

For the moment, that’s all I can say!

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