Birth of a new imprint

At times it feels as though I’ve been hounded out of traditional publishing by a mob of pitchfork-wielding suits with flaming torches. Then I remember that no one in publishing wears suits any more…

I’ve decided to launch my forthcoming eBook titles under my own imprint. This micro publishing house will act as an umbrella organisation that covers all my self-published fiction, as well as being the genesis of a brand that is synonymous with my work.

If it becomes necessary in the ongoing publishing climate (by which I mean, if traditional publishers continue to think my work is too leftfield for people to actually read), I can go on to release all my work under the new imprint, with total control over content, length, house style, jacket designs, pricing and everything else.


This could include the two fantasy novels I’ve written in the last three years – K’an and Gallashan – plus a ton of work that readers might otherwise not have had the opportunity to enjoy. Short stories and novellas, as yet unheard of could soon be on your Kindle, the trunk novels of ten years ago suddenly real and on your bookshelf.

My imprint is called Phasmid. I wonder what manner of apparitions will manifest beneath its shape-shifting banner…

[Massive thanks to Ben Baldwin for all his hard work on this – many iterations, much redrafting but more than worth the effort in my view.]

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