Splinters – a new skin for the book that never had a cover.

When the lovely Simon Key (of The Big Green Bookshop and editor of Timeline Books) decided to publish a book of my short stories, I was delighted.

There was no money for Splinters; the whole thing was an exercise in seat-of-the-pants, low-budget publication. I got as involved as I could with the publishing process and we blogged the whole experience from start to finish, taking lots of advice from everyone who took the time to comment.

When it came to cover art, we decided to run a competition. The winner would have the kudos of having created the cover for a limited-edition book and win £50.

Sadly, some artists in our online audience thought this was a rip-off; an abuse of other people’s creativity. Speaking as someone who has written all manner of things, simply so that people could read them and for no money at all, I thought it was a shame – we all do work for free at some point in a creative career.

Nevertheless, the project had a strong element of the collaborative with those who were ‘watching’ and so we scrapped the competition. That’s why the first edition has a black cover with only the title and my name on it!

But now, all that has a changed. I’m paying a working artist a professional fee for his creativity and time. And, I think you’ll agree, Ben Baldwin is worth every penny.

Check out this beauty!

I’ll be releasing this title on Kindle sometime this week…

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