MEAT – the third edition now has a cover!

Well, here it is – a new sack for MEAT!

Of the Phasmid covers we’ve been working on so far, this is the one that Ben Baldwin and I have revisited most often with seemeingly endless re-thinks, tweaks and adaptations. I wanted to go in a different direction and Ben has done an amazing job of getting me there.

I hope you’ll agree.

And, if you haven’t read MEAT yet, here’s a synopsis and some review quotes.

I plan to put the novel up for free on Kindle very soon, so keep an eye out for that – and a possible re-release of the orignal audio…

In Abyrne, a strange town surrounded by a wasteland, the eating of meat is a sacred obligation. The town’s strict laws are brutally enforced by a ruthless Baron and a merciless Bishop.

Adored by the townsfolk is Richard Shanti, Abyrne’s famous bolt-gunner – the most efficient slaughterhouse worker in living memory. In private, however, Shanti is a gentle man; a husband, and father to twin girls. The growing guilt about his murderous job weighs him down.

Beguiled by a rebellious heretic, Shanti uncovers the harrowing truth behind Abyrne’s history. When the town’s corporate and religious factions come into conflict, he must choose a side. By fighting for what he knows is right, Shanti will risk everything and everyone he loves.

Meanwhile, the townsfolk are hungry. The townsfolk must be fed…

Eleven years after its original publication, this is the third edition of D’Lacey’s cult hit, containing an introduction by Michael Wilson and a brand new foreword by the author.

“Without reservation, MEAT is one of the most literate, astonishing, and intriguing books I’ve read in years.” David Niall Wilson

“From the first paragraph I was hooked…Meat will stun you.” Fatally Yours

“Meat is without question the most disturbing book I have ever read. Period.” Speculative Fiction Junkie

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