FREE MEAT ALL WEEKEND – let’s take it to No 1!

To give it a big kickstart, I’m putting Phasmid’s kindle version of MEAT up for free all weekend.

If you’ve never read it and wondered what all the fuss is about, now’s your chance to find out.

I’d love to see MEAT go to the very pinnacle of the Amazon charts. If you want to help, download a copy and encourage your friends to do the same – it will give me a chance to make my independent publishing venture a success and keep me in the writing game.

Thank you – you know what to do!

But, if you’re still unsure, read some of the review quotes below…

“Joseph D’Lacey rocks!” Stephen King

“Memorable and thoroughly satisfying.” Black Static

“Without reservation, MEAT is one of the most literate, astonishing, and intriguing books I’ve read in years.” David Niall Wilson

“Not for the weak of stomach…a book you won’t forget in a hurry.” Gorezone

“From the first paragraph I was hooked…Meat will stun you.” Fatally Yours

“Engrossing and incredibly brutal…a damned good horror story.” Bloodtype Online

“His name is Joseph D’Lacey, and he is seriously talented… horror at it’s most horrific.” The Big Green Bookshop

“Strangely compelling…a damn good read.” Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine

“Atmospheric and chilling… an irresistibly intense debut novel with the potential to become a controversial horror classic.” The Harrow

“Meat is a damning and workmanlike commentary on the human race’s ceaseless appetite for meat…an undeniably powerful read.” Bookgeeks

“A fabulous book…not for the squeamish.” Waterstones Coventry

“A disturbing tale of a violent future ruled by corruption…vividly graphic.” Press and Sun Bulletin

Meat is horror, gruesome, and it has a message…compelling reading, and it will haunt me forever.” Café Doom

“A rare piece of horror fiction; thought provoking, and well done.” Hellnotes

“Strikes the reader like a cleaver.” Monster Librarian

“Disturbing…I couldn’t stop reading…a wonderful debut.” Horrorscope

“I love this book!” Dread Media

“People are going to discover that “Meat” is not just a speculative fiction novel with an underlying social statement, but that “Meat” is actually an important book and it should be required high school reading.” Shroud Magazine

“Brutal and tender…so much more than a horror novel…highly accomplished.” Morpheus Tales

“Gripping, horrific and at times genuinely scary… a cracking read.” Necro Carnival

“A real page turner, and a real stomach churner.” Frazer Lee

“Top-notch, page-turning horror.” TQR Stories

“Bleak, observant and quietly authoritative.” Waterstones, Northampton

“D’Lacey is an up and coming force to be reckoned with.” ShriekFreak Quarterly

“An outstandingly rich novel.” Dark Fiction Review

“Meat is without question the most disturbing book I have ever read. Period.” Speculative Fiction Junkie

“An utterly engrossing and thought provoking read that may just change your outlook on life.” The Eloquent Page

So, go on, get yourself some free MEAT!

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