Phasmid – Phase one complete

Back in March this year, after a lot of disappointment around traditional routes into publishing – or rejection as it’s more commonly known! – I made the decision to take control of my intellectual property. At the time I didn’t even know what that would mean, but I’d had enough of waiting on others in the industry to decide my fate.

Twenty years of believing that your career lies more in the hands of agents, editors and marketing teams than it does in your own amounts to some serious mental conditioning. I was like Neo, lost in the Matrix, but always suspecting there was another world out there.

So, I hired my own editor and my own artist – people I already knew and was very confident in – and created an imprint: Phasmid.

My goal? To release four previous print titles as eBooks.

Four months later and Phase One of Phasmid’s mission is complete. MEAT, Garbage Man, Splinters and Blood Fugue are now Kindle titles with brand new covers, new introductions from luminaries of the publishing world and new forwards by me.

They’ve always been things of beauty, but they seem even more so now.

As a result of taking positive action, these previously out of print titles became visible once more. I was soon approached by W.F. Howes with an audiobook offer and I’ve just signed a two-book deal with them, which was covered by The Bookseller.

Now, it’s time for Phase Two.

My plan, at the moment – and all plans are mutable! – is to make all of these titles available as print books. I will also choose a previously unseen novel, of which there are many, and publish it in both formats.

This, I expect, will be a much longer process owing to the inevitable editing requirements. However, I would hope to have Phasmid’s fifth titles on sale in eBook and print editions by the end of the year.

In the meantime, to everyone who’s worked with me, everyone who’s downloaded a Phasmid eBook, everyone who’s taken the trouble to leave a rating or review, everyone who’s tweeted or shared good vibes about my fiction, everyone who’s contacted me for interviews, everyone who’s run giveaways and competitions, everyone who’s written in response with words of support, encouragement and advice on how-to, my heartfelt gratitude.

You made this happen. Big hugs to you all!



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