Freedom vs Worry

I used to think that self-publishing was the worst kind of cheating. People called it vanity publishing, the perception being that writers whose work wasn’t strong enough to scale the castle walls of publishing would do it to satisfy their egos. In the early- to mid-noughties, during the six- or seven-year period in which I […]

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2019 ebook releases

Within every crisis is contained the seed of opportunity. The firmly closed door of the traditional publishing industry has caused me to rethink the way I make my work available for readers. At some point in the next 4-6 weeks, I will be re-releasing four titles from my back catalogue as Amazon Kindle ebooks. There […]

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Following the recent responses to Gallashan from my agent and from editors at four of the smaller houses, I’ve been asking myself these questions: Has publishing really changed so much in the last 10-15 years? Was I just lucky that some of my earlier works made it into print in the traditional way? Or is […]

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Publishing – what it’s done to me, the writer, and you, the reader.

Ugh. Yes, you understood that correctly. A mahoosive, monosyllabic, barely linguistic grunt, expressing a profound feeling of resignation. Or perhaps you’re reading too much into it… Whatever the case, ‘Ugh’ is as much expressivity as I can gather under the circumstances. Those of you waiting for news of a new JD’L novel are going to […]

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*switches brain off*

I’m not kidding; sometimes I wish I’d been a plumber. Endless work, a predictable and reasonable wage, instant reward for effort expended: the laws of the universe unfolding harmoniously on a daily basis. It’s not like that with writing. Apart from the endless work, obviously. Last count, I’ve written fourteen novels. I think half of […]

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A year has passed since setting down the opening lines of a new work; the windblown seeds of which first drifted into my consciousness more than twenty years ago. At the time, I’d fasted for four days and nights in a grove of moss-cloaked, lichen-fronded oaks, nestled in the hills overlooking Barmouth, North Wales. The […]