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TheBookOfTheCrowman-300dpi The Book of the Crowman

Book 2: Black Dawn Duology

Published by Angry Robot Books

It is the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, the earth wracked and dying.

It is the Bright Day, a time long generations hence, when a peace has descended across the world.

The search for the shadowy figure known only as the Crowman continues, as the Green Men prepare to rise up against the forces of the Ward.

The world has been condemned. Only Gordon Black and The Crowman can redeem it.

UK Print 6th March 2014 ISBN: 9780857663474
US / CAN Print 25th February 2014 ISBN: 9780857663481
Ebook 25th February 2014 ISBN: 9780857663498


Abyrne, the last enclave in a wasteland. All food is produced by Magnus Meat Processing and controlled by the Parsons of the Welfare.

Richard Shanti, the ‘Ice Pick’, is Abyrne’s legendary bolt-gunner, dispatching hundreds of animals every hour to supply the townsfolk with all the meat they could want. But Shanti is having doubts about his line of work.

When war breaks out between the corporate and religious factions, Shanti must sacrifice everything he loves in order to reveal the truth behind Abyrne’s power structures and fight for what he knows is right.

In a world where eating meat has become not only a human right but a sacred duty, what happens to those who question the nature of the food source?

The townsfolk are hungry. The townsfolk must be fed…

UK Print 28th October 2013 ISBN: 9781783331956
Ebook 21st October 2013 ISBN: 1905636156

Garbage Man Garbage Man

Shreve, a dead-end town next to the UK’s largest landfill.

There’s nothing the bored residents won’t stoop to in an attempt to spice up their pedestrian lives. All wannabe model Aggie Smithfield wants is to escape before Shreve swallows her ambition along with a million tons of rubbish and dirty little secrets.

Desperate, Aggie asks renowned but reclusive ex-photographer, Mason Brand, for help. The deal they make might be the only thing that can save her when the town’s fate catches up with it. Beneath everyone’s feet, something born of the things we throw away is awakening.

And when the past is reborn, there will be no escape.

UK Print 28th October 2013 ISBN: 9781783331987
Ebook 21st October 2013 ASIN: B00G3CKXLA


Two vehicles, stripped to the bare essentials, accelerate to 180 miles per hour on a deserted highway. Their journey along this dead straight stretch, known as the Final Five, will decide the fate of the drivers – forever. Only one hundred seconds separate them from the finish line as they hurtle towards their destiny, dreaming of glory.

But this is one highway they’ve never travelled before and neither of them knows what they’ll find out there. One thing is certain: every road has its obstacles.

The eBook includes a special afterword explaining the genesis of ROADKILL.

Ebook 13th September 2013 ASIN: B00F6XLX16

Black Feathers by Joseph D'LaceyBlack Feathers

Book 1: Black Dawn Duology

Published by: Angry Robot Books

It is the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, the earth wracked and dying. It is the Bright Day, a time long generations hence, when a peace has descended across the world. In each era, a child shall be chosen. Their task is to find a dark messiah known only as the Crowman. But is he our saviour – or the final incarnation of evil?

UK Print 4th April 2013 ISBN: 9780857663443 Big Green BookshopAmazon.co.uk
Book Depository
US / CAN Print 26th March 2013 ISBN: 9780857663450 Amazon.com
Barnes & Noble
Ebook 26th March 2013 ISBN: 9780857663467 Robot Trading Company

Blood FugueBlood Fugue


Published by: Proxima

Set in the isolated Idaho mountain village of Hobson’s Valley where a series of savage attacks have terrified locals, Blood Fugue centres on the existential struggle of reclusive outdoorsman Jimmy Kerrigan, and his attempts to unravel the mystery ripping his community apart.

It takes a monster to catch a monster.

UK Print 16th November 2012 ISBN: 1907773371 Big Green BookshopAmazon.co.uk
Book Depository
 Ebook  20th October 2012  ASIN: B009ZW9FT6 Amazon
 Audiobook  2 November 2012  ASIN: B00A0PJRK4 Amazon


Short fiction collection Horror/SF/Fantasy

Published by: Timeline Books

The best of Joseph D’Lacey’s short stories from 2001-2012.

UK Print 1st November 2012 ISBN: 0957440502 Timeline Books

Snake EyesSnake Eyes


Published by: Bad Moon Books

TWO novellas by the man who Stephen King says “ROCKS”!

An isolated, drought-choked village. A starving community. When something big, red and inhuman crash-lands in a cabbage field, the villagers are divided: is this a scrumptious dragon for the barbecue or a toxic demon to be destroyed? And what if it’s something else entirely?

Robert Johnson dreams of spiders, thousands of them. When he wakes, the true nightmare begins: a tube has been attached to his head – to everyone’s – but he’s the only one aware of it. His cozy suburban life unravels into paranoid hallucination as Johnson fights to free himself from the control of unseen forces.

USA Print January 2012 ASIN: B007CFH91O The Big Green Bookshop
Ebook April 2012 ASIN: B007TW8N60 Amazon

The Kill CrewThe Kill Crew


Published by: Stonegarden

Barricaded into a city block called The Station, two hundred souls have survived the apocalypse. So far. Was it a bomb? A biological attack? Phase one of an invasion? No one knows. The Long Silence has begun…

After dark, thousands of the city’s inhabitants – neither living nor dead – prowl the streets snatching survivors. The Station is under constant threat. Each day a lottery decides the seven members of The Kill Crew – a night shift of civilian soldiers. Their mission is simple: Extermination.

Sheri Foley, a nobody in the days before the Long Silence, discovers she has the heart of a survivalist. She becomes one of the toughest members of The Kill Crew.

But there are enemies inside the Station too. The evils of the old world persist and Sheri Foley must fight them all.

UK/USA Print 15th August 2009 ISBN: 1600761410 Out of print

Garbage ManGarbage Man


Published by: Beautiful Books

Mason Brand has fled his life as a celebrated photographer and renounced his past. He is living rough, as a hermit in the Welsh hills. But something happens to him amid the mossy oaks. He begins to hear ‘The Calling’.

Years later, giving society a final chance, Mason is living within sight of Shreve’s colossal landfill. He hears ‘The Calling’ again. This time he will heed it and it will lead him. For he is called to assist in the birthing of a terrible child – The Garbage Man.

UK Print 7th May 2009 ISBN: 1905636474 Out of print



Published by: Beautiful Books

“God is supreme. The flesh is sacred.”

Richard Shanti, a guilt-ridden slaughterhouse worker, has serious misgivings about his job. He’s known as the Ice Pick – the calmest, most efficient bolt-gunner in Abyrne’s history. Yet, in secret, he and his family are vegetarian. If the authorities find out, he’ll be tried and slaughtered for sacrilege along with the Chosen – Abyrne’s livestock.

MEAT is a tale of human depravity set in a grim post-cataclysmic England. Abyrne’s townsfolk need meat to survive. Their religion promotes flesh-eating, their economy depends on it. Abyrne’s ruling powers are the atheist Meat Baron, Rory Magnus, and the hyper-religious Parsons of the Welfare, headed by the Grand Bishop. The two factions despise each but cannot maintain control without cooperating.

In the derelict quarter the heretical messiah, John Collins, is preaching a blasphemous new doctrine: Meat isn’t necessary for survival. The townsfolk are listening. The tale begins as Abyrne faces its greatest conflict – war between the Meat Baron and the Welfare.

Meanwhile, the townsfolk are hungry. The townsfolk must be fed…

UK Print 21st February 2008 ISBN: 1905636156 Out of print

9 thoughts on “JD’L Titles

  1. Have you thought about editing an anthology? Publishing the most controversial horror stories ever published. I got a lot of flack for publishing an Ex-Gay in my magazine — the writer been a good friend for 20 years. The closest I have to a best friend in the business. If you do an anthology I will be the first to submit. I’ve been meaning to check out your novels for quite some time but things were busy for me as a publisher. I am trying to return into doing anthologies but working with other publishers to expand my resume.

    1. I don’t have the time – or the experience! – at the moment, Nickolaus. Perhaps something I could reconsider in a few years time.

      Hope all goes well with your publishing & writing in the meantime. Sounds like a very busy period right now.

      1. I am writing some highly controversial stories as Lloyd Phillip Campbell he started as a house pen name for The Ethereal Gazette when I have nonfiction under my own name. I am writing my second novel right now, it is a tribute to father and son writers in the business. I worked with Roger Zelazny’s son Trent on the first issue in The Ethereal Gazette along with Terry VInson and Ken Goldman. Being a publisher ended up getting my work published in anthologies and magazines. But I feature my own work in the anthologies I edit. I was published along side the best in the business. In Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 I hold my own with Gabrielle Faust and Kevin Lucia. None of the writers got along. I have a five year memoir published that is for the line ups of Tabloid Purposes and for publishers who got flack for publishing me. The bullying flows to them too — some of the writers on the roster tried to organize a walk out.

  2. Just finished Black Feathers… Outstanding sir! Great Fantasy, truly entertaining!! Looking forward to volume two.

    1. Thanks for dropping by to say so, Jerome. I’m glad you liked it.

      I delivered The Book of The Crowman a week ago, so it’s mostly a waiting game now. I think it will be published in March ’14, but if there’s any change in that, I’ll let everyone know.

  3. Hi, Joseph. Sorry for dropping by here. Please contact me about joining Crystal Lake Publishing’s next anthology. I recall promising you a spot a few months ago.\

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Joe Mynhardt
    Crystal Lake Publishing

    1. Hi, Joe.

      I appreciate you stopping by with the reminder and I hope all is well with you. I’ll be in touch shortly.

      Best wishes, meanwhile…

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