youtube rebirth

In the early days of the lockdown, a couple of my editors got in touch within hours of each other. They both suggested that their authors put together some short videos, introducing and reading from their books. Given the unusual circumstances, it seemed like a smart way to communicate with readers. I thought, ‘Great idea. […]

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Cometh the Crowman, people…

It comes as no surprise to me that images of the Crowman have begun to appear around the world, scrawled hastily on walls and in alleyways in furtive acts of prophecy. Just to get his dark form out of the mind and onto a ‘canvas’ – whether it be cracked brickwork or a warped timber […]

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Spawning The Black Dawn

This article first appeared at Upcoming4me Personally speaking, it’s very rare that a single idea will be strong enough to withstand being written as a novel. It’s far more common that a number of separate incidents, notions and musings will, over time, begin to add up to something more. This is absolutely true in the […]

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