Giveaway results

Well, the Goodreads giveaways that spanned most of January and February are over. Following half a day of printing and signing letters, personalising title pages and stuffing envelopes, all the prizes are now in the post. *pats self on back* I gave away:

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Give-away January!

I’m delighted to announce that all my proposed Goodreads give-aways have been approved. This means that from the 11th to 24th of January I will be giving away six different titles, totalling 42 books! So entering means there’s a very good chance of winning something.

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New Year Giveaways

It’s 2017. Extraordinary. Astounding. Or perhaps nothing more significant than flipping a page on a calendar… Whatever the case, I’m celebrating by giving away a load of books on Goodreads this month. These are some of the titles I’m hoping to share:           So, watch for updates and get ready to […]

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Cometh the Crowman, people…

It comes as no surprise to me that images of the Crowman have begun to appear around the world, scrawled hastily on walls and in alleyways in furtive acts of prophecy. Just to get his dark form out of the mind and onto a ‘canvas’ – whether it be cracked brickwork or a warped timber […]

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Eco Shock Horror

Broadcaster Alex Smith works tirelessly and single-handedly to bring you cutting edge information and incisive wisdom on the environment: latest science, authors and issues including climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, Peak Oil, the economy and peace. Listen to his weekly show and you’ll be most dreadfully educated about the ecological challenges we all face. Alex […]

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Spawning The Black Dawn

This article first appeared at Upcoming4me Personally speaking, it’s very rare that a single idea will be strong enough to withstand being written as a novel. It’s far more common that a number of separate incidents, notions and musings will, over time, begin to add up to something more. This is absolutely true in the […]

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