Weed – A Tiny Intro…

In a 1976 Doctor Who story called The Seeds of Doom, a mysterious pod from Antarctica is brought to a rural English estate. It melds with a human to become a colossal, tentacled, man-eating thing. I suspect that, as I watched in utter terror, the seed of this novel – and others – was firmly […]

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Giveaway results

Well, the Goodreads giveaways that spanned most of January and February are over. Following half a day of printing and signing letters, personalising title pages and stuffing envelopes, all the prizes are now in the post. *pats self on back* I gave away:

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Give-away January!

I’m delighted to announce that all my proposed Goodreads give-aways have been approved. This means that from the 11th to 24th of January I will be giving away six different titles, totalling 42 books! So entering means there’s a very good chance of winning something.

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New Year Giveaways

It’s 2017. Extraordinary. Astounding. Or perhaps nothing more significant than flipping a page on a calendar… Whatever the case, I’m celebrating by giving away a load of books on Goodreads this month. These are some of the titles I’m hoping to share:           So, watch for updates and get ready to […]

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