Giveaway results

winner-winner-chicken-dinnerWell, the Goodreads giveaways that spanned most of January and February are over.

Following half a day of printing and signing letters, personalising title pages and stuffing envelopes, all the prizes are now in the post.

*pats self on back*

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Give-away January!

I’m delighted to announce that all my proposed Goodreads give-aways have been approved.

This means that from the 11th to 24th of January I will be giving away six different titles, totalling 42 books! So entering means there’s a very good chance of winning something. Continue reading

New Year Giveaways

It’s 2017. Extraordinary. Astounding.

Or perhaps nothing more significant than flipping a page on a calendar…

Whatever the case, I’m celebrating by giving away a load of books on Goodreads this month. These are some of the titles I’m hoping to share:

MEATBlack FeathersGarbage ManSplintersclown-wars-toxicBlood Fugue






So, watch for updates and get ready to pounce – some of these will be signed, out-of-print copies. Meanwhile, wishing you every joy and fulfilment for what is bound to be a year to remember.

Goodreads giveaway – The Book of the Crowman

TheBookOfTheCrowman-300dpiThose astonishingly generous folk at Angry Robot Books are giving away 10 copies of The Book of the Crowman.



Are they mad or something?

And you don’t even have to answer a question or do a special dance or sing a song or anything. All you need to do is enter for a chance to win.

Insane, isn’t it? Where do they get these ideas from?

Anyway, good luck!

Skeleton Leaves by Helen Marshall

Skeleton Leaves: A CollectionSkeleton Leaves: A Collection by Helen Marshall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was extremely fortunate to receive a copy of this – one of only 150 printed – from Chris Roberts, the talented artist who illustrated it. It was signed both by him and the author, and that on its own makes it a unique and special book.

Marshall has an exquisite instinct for communicating imagery and uses it to convey one lingering impression after another. This is a very readable and affecting collection – and it stays with you, the surest sign of fine work.

The only shame is that I haven’t read J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan, the novel from which this tribe of poems takes much of its inspiration. And yet, despite that deficiency on my part, I think I picked up on a lot of the emotions the collection exposes.

Reading Skeleton Leaves prompted me to rethink what good poetry is: the sharing of secrets we already know.

Get yourself a copy before they’re all gone.

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Life outside social media: yes, there is one, I’ve checked

“A few weeks ago, I attempted to tidy up my Facebook ‘friends’ list, deleting folks I didn’t interact with in a positive way or simply didn’t know. I was trying streamline things; only linking with people whose updates I wanted to see and for whom I hoped the feeling would be mutual.

It’s a lot trickier than accepting a request and, with 4500 contacts to trawl through, a sizeable task. If there’s some embarrassingly easy way of doing this, I remain ignorant of it. Anyway, after each unfriending, the page tried to refresh 4499 icons, then 4498 and so on. It all got a bit Sisyphean.

I thought: Why am I even on Facebook? Apart from sap my energy and steal my time, what does it do? Where’s the benefit?

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News 1st May 2013

While I chip away at the rewrite of The Book of The Crowman, here’s my latest:

It’s almost a month since the launch of Black Feathers – book one of the two-part Black Dawn series.

Some happy-stats of how it’s gone so far:

• 750 shelf adds on Goodreads
• Over 40 very positive online reviews, including Publishers’ Weekly
• Great magazine reviews in SciFi Now and SFX
• Made the Buy One, Get One Half Price shelves in WH SmithWHS Birmingham Airport
• Made the 3 for 2 promotion in Blackwell’s
• Number 5 in the fiction chart in Blackwell’s, Edinburgh
• Over 1200 views of the trailer

Following the London Book Fair I heard from my agent that Blood Fugue is still selling well. It recently received high praise from the BFS and This Is Horror, if you’d like to find out more.

The contract to re-print MEAT and Garbage Man has been amended giving Andrews UK worldwide rights in English. This will make both titles available in e-book and print in America, Canada and Australia for the first time. The e-book will be enhanced with media content and watch out for the brand new cover art – can’t wait to see it!

I’ve been on three recent podcasts – This Is Horror, NOObs on a Plane and Scrolls – talking about projects old and new as well as being grilled in-depth about Splinters.

Finally, my This Is Horror chapbook Roadkill has gone on sale.

For the moment, I’ve got my head down making The Book of The Crowman shine with Black Light. I probably won’t make much noise until that job’s done…