Phasmid – a new phase

On contacting the brilliantly talented team of individuals who’ve helped to make Phasmid’s first four titles so exquisite, I discovered that none of them will work with me now. This is because my worldview differs from theirs and appears to be a knock-on effect from HTP’s cancellation of WEED. Having a minority opinion isn’t easy […]

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Free Fiction

The Mango Tree by Joseph D’Lacey There were many mango trees on the island but the one that grew in front of Etoile’s hut was the largest. It had been there since before his great grandfather was born and Etoile knew it would be there long after he was gone. In the morning, and in […]

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Weed – A Tiny Intro…

In a 1976 Doctor Who story called The Seeds of Doom, a mysterious pod from Antarctica is brought to a rural English estate. It melds with a human to become a colossal, tentacled, man-eating thing. I suspect that, as I watched in utter terror, the seed of this novel – and others – was firmly […]

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Publishing update 13.07.2020

Turns out a lot can get done during a lockdown! The structural edit on Weed is complete and, though it’s not written in stone, I suspect Horrific Tales Publishing is looking at an October release date. Weed is a survival horror romp set on the Berkshire country estate of one of the most powerful women […]

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youtube rebirth

In the early days of the lockdown, a couple of my editors got in touch within hours of each other. They both suggested that their authors put together some short videos, introducing and reading from their books. Given the unusual circumstances, it seemed like a smart way to communicate with readers. I thought, ‘Great idea. […]

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Upcoming events

I’ve booked up for two conventions in 2020, so far. You can find me at MCM Comicon, Birmingham and Stokercon, Scarborough. I will be in the dealer/trader area at both events, running a book stall. Available stock: I will be selling signed 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions of several JD’L titles. Most of the books […]

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fade in

A few weeks ago, I had an email from my filmmaker and writer friend, Andrew David Barker. It began: Hey man,  I can’t sleep. Mind spinning with ideas and possible projects. And while I lay here, an idea did come to me…  Andy had come up with something and wanted to know if I was […]

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