The Veil – 99c Kindle deal for a limited time!

What do you mean, you haven’t read The Veil yet? These are two of the creepiest apocalypse tales ever told!

Don’t let me spoil them for you, though. Just zip over that well known online book dealer and own the end of the world for only 99c!


Tales of New Mexico – on sale now

While you’re waiting for me to finish my next novel, you can read two dark stories set in the south-west of America.

If you’re a Goodreads person, it’s ready to add to your shelves.

If you’d like to buy direct from Black Shuck Books, go here.

Or, if you prefer those other folk, who keep all their stock in a floating warehouse in the South American rainforest, you can go here.

Happy reading and keep a change of underwear handy!

Try before you buy!

The Veil

The Veil

The Veil has the honour of being a staff pick-of-the-week on book recommendation hub – as well as occupying a Book of the Month slot on the same site.

If you like a bit of Sci Fi with your Horror, why not read the free opening extract that Lovereading have made available. Not only will you be hooked, you’ll also give the title a boost and I might make it into the top 10 downloaded books of the week – awesome!

By the way, when you’ve had a mind-blowing experience reading one of my books – do share your thoughts by leaving a rating, review or both somewhere on-line.

It makes a difference to sales and knowing there’s another satisfied customer out there always makes me want to knuckle down and get the next story out there as quick as I can…

Re-imagining democracy for Parliament Week

On Wednesday 19th November, for Parliament Week, I joined Mike Carey, Mike Fell and chairman Dr. Chris Tyler to reinvent democracy with an audience of  gamers, sci-fi, fantasy and comic fans, LARP-ers, scientists and people interested in the future of politics.

The evening was part of a week of events intended to encourage people to engage with politics. (You can find out more about this using the hashtags #scifiparl & #DoDemocracy.)

Everything was filmed – there was even a stenographer! – so you’ll be able to see what we each came up with on the Parliament YouTube channel very soon. Chris and the two Mikes had many things to say, ranging from the fascinating to the terrifying and the audience was full of astute, broad-minded people who asked some very challenging questions. It was an excellent night and I was glad to have been invited.

The following was my contribution. Continue reading

The idiot abroad – JD’L goes to the Houses of Parliament…

The future of UK democracy in the hands of fantasists. You know it makes sense…

You may find this hard to believe but Mr-I-don’t-have-a-political-bone-in-my-body here is going to give a presentation at Parliament on Wednesday evening.

I know.

But hey, people, it’s Parliament Week and I was extremely flattered to be invited.

Myself and two other authors will each outline our visions of a future (better? Hm. Not sure…) democracy and audience members will be able to ask questions and debate what we come up with.

For me, not having a great deal of enthusiasm for or understanding of politics, this is turning out to be an intriguing exercise. Having been given less than a week, I’m attempting to come up with a brand new democratic system – one that re-imagines what’s been in place for hundreds of years!

So, wish me luck.

Better still, if you can make it to Westminster, come and see what the SciFi Writers of today think the future of politics holds for us all…

Cheap Roadkill – get it while you can!


Clearly it’s bargain season on the Horror Freeway.

Right now until September 20th This Is Horror have reduced my chapbook ROADKILL to 99p or 99c – whether you’re in the States or the UK, this is ridiculously good value.

Want a white-knuckle ride? This one’s for you.