“Do you see Post Apocalyptic fiction as a great way to explore Horror elements in a setting more associated with the Science Fiction branch of the Speculative Fiction tree?”

I was originally asked this by Rob Bedford and answered it on SFF World  in February, 2014…

I danced around this hulk of a question for ages trying to find its weak spot. It was like boxing a Decepticon.

After a couple of weeks, dodging and feinting without landing a single blow, I was tired, thirsty and needed a hug. There was no one around so, in desperation, I embraced the gargantuan, titanium-hulled battle-conundrum’s ankle. He turned out to be a real sweetie.

He said:

“You know, Joseph, this question just relates to genre and how you feel about it.”
“It does?”
“Sure. Relax and enjoy yourself. You don’t even have to answer it.”
“Not even a ‘yes’ or ‘no’?”
“Erm…just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ might not go down too well…”
“What should I say then?”
“Anything. Whatever you want.” He leaned down. “But make me look mean, OK? Ferocious. Know what I’m saying?” Continue reading



A Town Called PandemoniumLast year I was invited to write a story for the shared-world anthology A Town Called Pandemonium, published by Jurassic London.

Pandatown - HB CoverThe tales are set in and around a remote New Mexico Territory community in 1853 and most have a distinctly speculative feel.

Even when genre isn’t to the fore, though, the lyricism of the tales lends them an eerie, other-worldly atmosphere. The book has been illustrated in fine style by Adam Hill.

In case you haven’t come across it before, here’s the resplendent TOC:

“The Sad Tale of the Deakins Boys” by Will Hill
“Wish for a Gun” by Sam Sykes
“Grit” by Scott Andrews
“Belle Deeds” by Chrysanthy Balis
“The Gathering of Sheaves” by Joseph D’Lacey
“Rhod the Killer” by Sam Wilson
“Raise the Beam High” by Jonathan Oliver
“4.52 to Pandemonium” by Archie Black
“Red Hot Hate” by Den Patrick
“Sleep in Fire” by Osgood Vance

Unfortunately, the limited edition hardback pictured here is sold out but you can still get paperback and electronic formats.

The good news is that another collection, set in the same town a generation or two later, is due out next year…

I can’t wait!