Let The Clown Wars Commence! Revealing Blood & Aspic by Joseph D’Lacey & Jeremy Drysdale | Tor.com

In the first weeks of 2016, Joseph D’Lacey—British Fantasy Award-winning author of the magnificently malevolent Meat, in addition to Roadkill, Garbage Man, Black Feathers and a bunch of other wonde…

Source: Let The Clown Wars Commence! Revealing Blood & Aspic by Joseph D’Lacey & Jeremy Drysdale | Tor.com

Credit where it’s really due

So, Jeremy Drysdale and I wrote a novel called Clown Wars: Blood & Aspic. It was full of cool characters, wicked scenes, genius gags, tragedy, comedy and irony. And it was an ace story. Usual problem – no one wanted to publish it…

Five years later we thought: “Hey! We can do it ourselves! Easy!”

But it isn’t, actually. Especially for a pair of bozos like me and Jez. We needed help. But what do you know? Help was out there in veritable cohorts.

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Cover reveal!!!

Five years ago, Jeremy Drysdale and I finished a manuscript; possibly the strangest manuscript I’ve ever worked on.

We got into the submissions process and it only served to reinforce just how unusual the material was. Many agents and editors came back to us saying they hated it. Others liked it but had no idea how to market it. Either way, the answer was ‘no’.

They say nothing ever happens fast in publishing but, after five unsuccessful years of trying to get this novel to a readership in the traditional way, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

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And maybe it will come back to you…

There’s been an overwhelming response to yesterday’s post, in which I talked about releasing my next novel for free, chapter by chapter, right here on the blog.

I had emails, tweets, DMs, Facebook and blog comments. A lot of them suggested I charge something for each chapter. Others thought I ought to self-publish the novel as an eBook. I also received many offers of help. It was lovely to suddenly have so much input from people who are clearly very keen on my fiction.

The most profound contact came from my old agent, Brie Burkeman, who closed her agency a year ago for family reasons. After speaking to her on the phone, it was very clear that she was opposed to me giving my work away for nothing.

The combination of her pep-talk and all the comments and messages of support that I’ve had have convinced me to hold off just for a little longer.

I do have several ‘live’ submissions with editors and agents but these are people  who are, often-times, too busy to respond – or, if they do, it’s months and months later. I wanted to make something happen fast and I thought I’d come up with a good way of breaking the deadlock. On reflection, however, perhaps I was a little hasty.

So, I hope you’ll keep waiting – as I keep waiting – to hear from the gatekeepers who can make or break careers with their decisions. Tentacles crossed, there’ll be some big yeses from them this time.

Some of you have also asked me what the novel is about, so I’ll do a post with some teasers for you soon…